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"Wow! This is certainly a one of a kind program! I am amazed by how well rounded this program is. I have yet to find a program that incorporates such a high level of mindfulness practice, emotional awareness and physical development all rolled into one. Sensei Jonathan and Sensei Doug are fantastic! The staff is awesome! P.S. You are doing the world a great service!"

- Mark Johnson

"The AMAA youth programs are ideal extra-curricular enrichment choices for parents looking to grow the ‘whole’ child. Patient, compassionate, stimulating instruction and availability of skill-level based learning make this place an amazing value and natural fit for kiddos!"

- Danielle R. Becker

"Our son started the Life Ki-do Program at Austin Martial Arts Academy seven years ago when he was in Junior High. He was a shy, bullied boy and thanks to your staff he has become a strong, calm, centered, confident man. I fully believe in the transformative powers of your program and recommend it to everyone. You reach down into the heart and soul of the student and through hard work and dedication they become better individuals from the inside out."

- Robin Schneider

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you all. As you know, three weeks ago I signed up my third child at Life Ki-do. This is the best gift I have ever given to my kids. My ninth and tenth graders, having been in class for one year, are like solid rock. Their stamina and strength is amazing. Their self confidence has sky-rocketed. I have had the children in other programs before, but the lack of motivation garnered from the instruction left them bored and we eventually dropped out. Life Ki-do has changed all that. Never have we been in a sport, any sport that has given them such accomplishment. The fact that the kids compete against themselves and not a team assures that there is never a sense of failure. My seventh grader is highly competitive and plays a multitude of team sports, yet, this has become his absolute favorite. After just a few classes, his endurance has drastically increased. Thank you for inspiring the kids to be successful in their goals and providing fitness in a fun and positive way."

- Chrysa Kerr

"Life Ki-do and Austin Martial Arts have been a wonderful experience for my entire family. My boys have learned important skills in awareness; being aware of their surroundings and stranger/danger. They have also learned to focus and listen well, which has positively enhanced their time in school. Most of all, they are learning so much while having FUN!  My boys can’t wait to get to the dojo. My four year old asks me every day: “How many more days until my karate class?” He loves the instructors, he has met new friends in the karate class, and his confidence has really grown from his time spent at the academy."


"I can’t thank-you enough for the positive influence you continue to be for my boys. I am convinced that the life skills they are learning at the dojo will serve them very well throughout their lives. After all, my kids continue to teach ME skills that they have learned from you!"

- Margot Sbrocco

"I wish this training was available as PE credit in public schools – every child can benefit from learning self-awareness, focus, confidence, and how to get through sticky situations like bullying or a conflict with a friend. I love the gentleness and respect with which all the Senseis/Sempais treat the children. They are very good role models and friends for their students. We are so happy to be a part of AMAA and the Life Ki-do training!"

- Tiffany Paul

"After we signed up, my son started asking me every day, "Is this my karate day?!"  As he has continued in class, his self-confidence has improved dramatically and his enthusiasm for karate has not waned. I believe that the reason he has such enthusiasm is more than just the art of karate, I believe it is your specific program.  First of all, you and your staff are just exceptional in dealing with children.  You don't talk over their heads, yet you speak to them as people and not as small children. I have been thrilled with every single staff member that my son has worked with. So, one thousand thank-yous to you and your group.  We could not have asked for more."

- Melinda Young

"You have no doubt been told on many occasions what a special program you have put together, but something like that is always worth saying again. So we will say it, too. More important than the program, however, is the team you have assembled. The soul of a program is the extension of the people who plan and execute it. And you are all very special people. When we enrolled our son in your program we hoped it would help him channel and manage his boundless energy, to be more thoughtful, less physically reactive. Not only have our hopes been fulfilled, but for good measure, you have put him on the path to a true appreciation for intrinsic self discipline. We will miss any number of people and things we leave behind in Austin, but no one in Austin deserves from us higher praise or greater thanks than the Senseis at AMAA. Thank you!!"

- Jim and Brigitte Flowers

"I couldn't be more pleased with the direction of this program and the effect that it has had on my 8-year-old over the last 3 years. The directors/Senseis have created a positive learning environment in which their students seem to continually excel in Martial Arts skills. They have had a tremendous influence on my son as well with regard to developing many psychological skills such as: focus, relaxation, stress and pain management, to name only a few. The Senseis teach respect as well for their students and everyone involved. The integrity of this program and the integrity of its directors is beyond reproach. I highly recommend them to you."

- Sandy Nielson-Bell, 1972 Olympian Gold Swimmer

"The Life Ki-do Martial Arts and Life Education training our son receives at Austin Martial Arts Academy not only has a huge impact on our son's focus and confidence, but it also has significant positive impact on our family as a whole. As long time educators, we appreciate the values, quality and sincerity of the Life Ki-do and Austin Martial Arts Academy staff."

- Karen Aidman (Assistant Principal, O. Henry Middle School) and Barry Aidman (Former Principal, Casis Elementary School)

"We believe [our son's] levels of concentration, his self-confidence, and his openness to new experiences have been greatly enhanced because of your teachings -- well beyond the technical aspects of the martial arts."

- Charles and Marge Morton

"I am always reaffirmed that we are definitely doing the right thing by continuing to come here and the kids are definitely learning far more than kicking and punching! They are learning life lessons of great value!"

- Lauri Thompson


"After getting to college I have only just begun to realize what a huge impact Life Ki-do training has had on me. It has been one of the singularly greatest things that has happened in my life and has given me the focus I need for anything I decide to do. It has given me the patience and diligence to deal with any obstacle, and it has kept me aware of life around me."

– Thomas C., Training with Life Ki-do for 7 years

"I have achieved a level of mental relaxation that I once thought impossible. This (Life Ki-do) training is far more applicable to my day-to-day life, as it affects nearly all of my actions. It has allowed me to see all sides of a problem by reminding me to not act hastily, to think about things before I do them. Also, I have become much better at staying present. I have also learned to accept many of my emotions as part of life; not suppressing them while also not ignoring them. This is a hugely beneficial ability, as I rarely get annoyed at myself for making mistakes anymore, but instead let them pass and try to learn from them."

- John B., Training with Life Ki-do for 8 1/2 years

"From the beginning of my training, the senseis stressed the importance of focus not just inside the dojo, but in everything we do. Over time, I realized that this was not a command, but an invitation to cherish every experience in our life, good or bad. If we put everything we have into what we do, our encounters will not only be more enjoyable, but will also become an opportunity to learn about ourselves and other people. Although physical fitness is important, the mental conditioning that I have received has made a bigger impression on my life."

- Jack V., Training with Life Ki-do for 9 years

"When I was 8 and first came to karate, I did it because it looked cool. Now, I do it for life training. One real beauty of this art is that it doesn't stop at the dojo, it can be applied throughout your daily living. Using the breath as the foundation of how to live your life, you are relaxed and happy but always have room to better master yourself and remove your masks."

- Rene M., Training with Life Ki-do for 8 years