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At Life Ki-do Martial Arts, we believe that the way we train should represent the way we want to live our lives. If we want our lives to be filled with inner strength, peacefulness and happiness, then our training should be filled with these elements.


We’ve found that learning in a fun, positive and supportive environment allows students to transform and expand so much more than in a tight, controlled and fear-based atmosphere. Life Ki-do instructors create an encouraging environment where students feel safe and respected. Not feeling afraid of making mistakes, students take the chance to stretch to their full potential. Fears and insecurities are addressed in class in such a nurturing manner that students learn that although these feelings are normal they don’t need to be ruled by them. All classes are age appropriately designed with games, fun, laughter and lots of growth.


Working with partners plays an important role in Life Ki-do training. Not only do students learn about communicating their own needs, but they also learn through listening skills and sensitivity how to respond to others. Instead of comparing and competing, our students are encouraged to see their training partners as other human beings that deserve to be honored and respected. Because every person and situation is different and unpredictable, the student learns to manage conflict and differences in the most appropriate manner.


In Life Ki-do, students are encouraged to discover their own inner gauge rather than looking to others for how they should behave and feel about themselves. Students are constantly asked to check in with themselves to see if they are truly focusing and being their personal best. This art of being your personal best builds a true inner confidence and a positive, strong self-identity that allows one to experience fulfillment in all aspects of life.


A very unique and essential aspect of Life Ki-do is learning to breathe, relax and flow instead of moving and training with tension and tightness. Teaching specific tools such as posture and breathing techniques creates a relaxed state of mind from which students can move and respond. We’ve found that the constant reminder of breathing and relaxing throughout class becomes so ingrained in the student’s awareness that it becomes a natural and easy response to any situation in life whether it be physical, mental or emotional.


A natural by product of martial arts training is strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. By also focusing on the breath, fluidity and body awareness, Life Ki-do students become what we like to call “movement artists.” This caliber of body awareness and coordination is a great foundation for all other sports and physical activity.