Freestyle Karate, Kung Fu & Boxing:

This aspect of Satori Method/Mushin Dao teaches students the Free Style Karate, Kung Fu and Boxing skills. It is important to note here that our training methodologies are two fold: the first is in relation to Fitness Training, while the second focuses on Practical Self Defense. With our martial arts fitness training, partner drills and bag work our students get into incredible shape. Additionally all of our students learn techniques that enhance their personal safety and levels of confidence. Students develop defensive and offensive strategies, timing, distance, speed & power, as well as the yielding and harmonizing aspects of martial arts.
Close Quarters & Trapping:

Our Mushin Dao Close Quarters and Trapping skills are the backbone behind our practical self defense training. All attacks have to enter into and through this close range in order to control, cut, submit or knock someone out. Knowing this we place a strong emphasis on developing our Close Quarters Toolbox. This includes dealing with Sucker Punches and Ambush Attacks, Holding Release Skills, Tackles and Takedown prevention, Close Quarter Striking Skills and Subject Control methods. There is a learning continuum of Technical Training that evolves into 'Realistic' drills using Real Time and Real Speed, Incremental Resistance (from training partners) and Live Action Drills (non-choreographed training).

Our Mushin Dao curriculum also teaches students how to protect themselves from the many grappling positions while standing or on the ground. Our students learn strategic ways to nuetralize an attackers offense and turn it against him using leverage, positioning and mobility. This training works incredibly well for smaller individuals enabling them to deal with attackers that are significantly larger & stronger. Our Grappling curriculum also teaches how to fall and roll safely, effective takedowns and restraints/submissions. Aside from these very practical benefits, grappling skills can greatly enhance a student's self confidence by teach him/her not to struggle with situations, but rather to yield and to be in harmony with things.
Martial Arts Forms:

This aspect of Mushin Dao teaches aspects of the Traditional Karate Katas, T'ai Chi Forms, Self Defense Forms and the Chinese Flow Drills. The training covers classical stances, punches, blocks, kicks, Katas (dance-like martial forms), and concentrates on developing form. The deep stances and precise movements build strength, mobility, flow, focused breathing, balance and coordination. Forms training helps to clear the mind, relieve stress and tension, increase vital energy (Chi/QI/KI) and elicit the relaxation response. Additionally the mindful aspect of Forms training activates one-pointedness and inner focus.

Specialty Seminars:

Throughout your training we offer you additional ways of enhancing your martial arts experience. With our weekend seminars we host a variety of exciting and provocative training exercises, concepts and skill enhancements.

Real World Seminars:
SPEAR System Fundamentals
Fear Management Clinic
Weapon Defense
Ballistic Micro Fights™

Martial Arts Seminars:
Sparring Strategies
Close Quarters Fighting
Ground Fighting

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